We know that the Coronavirus is affecting our physical health. 

We also know that this has implications for our mental wellbeing. 

Using the points from this NHS website, we've put some resources together that digs deeper into these topics.

We are offering these resources free of charge to help equip families and mentors better support children and young people in this time. 

Stay safe. 

Connect with Others

Boy Checking his Phone

This resource will open a conversation about how important it is to connect with the people around us at home and online.

Physical Activity 

Children Tying Their Shoes

This resource is about exercise and why we should make sure we go out when we can. (While following Government guidelines.) 

Learning Something New


This resource will open a conversation about the benefits of learning a new skill while emphasizing the importance of developing ourselves as people 


Wrapped Boxes

This resource is about what we can give each other and we don't just mean money and the gifts we buy. Giving can come in a lot of different ways.

Being Present

Support Group

This resource shows what it means to be present. This term is used a lot but this resource will show you how yo can be more present.

Equipping, Encouraging and Exciting  you to mentor the next generation. 

Click on the pictures to download each resource free of charge.

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Remember, anyone can be a mentor.

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What children say

"Thank you for all the support you have gave me over the months, you are really funny, hilarious and don't get angry when I'm fighting! I really hope you don't forget me! I couldn't have done it without you.

From your Wall Puncher!"

Year 6 child.

What adults say

"Thank you for all of your support with our daughter, we really appreciate everything."

Year 2 Parents.


Thank you for everything you have done for our daughter, the support has been fantastic."

Year 6 parent  

What our mentors say

Being able to see a child's face, who you have been working with for a while, suddenly realize that you are there when they truly need you is priceless. 

Check out what our mentors are thinking.

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