Teacher Helping a Student

Core session sheets


Start up Form.png

When starting a mentoring relationship this sheet helps break the ice. The sheet allows you to get to know your new mentee.

review sheet.png

Our review sheet is a great chance to see what your mentee has learnt in your sessions and a great way to evidence the impact.

progress sheet.png

Our Progress sheet is where you can collate all your review sheets and teacher assessments on one handy form.


Our register helps you keep track of when you started your mentoring sessions

Student Mentoring referral Form.PNG

When you have a waiting list it is a good idea to have a referral form. We have you covered!

session sheet.png

Our Session Sheet is a great way for you to log what each mentoring session is about and to find out how your mentee is feeling.

teacher assessment.png

Once a Review sheet has been completed it is always a good idea to get a different point of view. The teacher assessment does this for you.

PIP ks3.png

The Personal Intervention Plan (PIP) is a unique way to show other professionals what you have covered in your mentoring sessions.


The mentoring agreement sets out three targets: when you will see the mentee, one personal target one academic target.

weekly targets.PNG

When setting targets it is good to have smaller weekly ones that will help your mentee to achieve their main goal.