Get a Mentor

We want to provide you with not only the resources for your mentoring sessions but also with the opportunity to be mentored yourself. This can grow you in both a professional, emotional and social capacity.  

Mentoring is an invaluable resource for both yourself as a mentor and for those you are mentoring. It allows you to seek support, talk through various situations, seeing circumstances from a different perspective and will be great prevention against burnout. Some would say it's one of the greatest self-care methods in youth work. This will then transfer through to those you are mentoring as you can go into sessions knowing you're fully supported, bringing forward new confidence in your sessions. 

We have seen firsthand the benefits of having a mentor to talk through situations with, to have that one person who is looking out for us as we look out for our young people. Each of the mentors that give their time to you has their very own mentor, showing you how important we at Listen Up Mentor believe mentoring mentors are. 

To book a session with a mentor, you can go to the 'Book Online' tab above or


What to Expect

During the first half of any given session, the focus will be on your work and your mentor can offer support, advice or suggest various resources where needed. In the second half of any given session, the focus will be on you and your well-being. We can talk through your workload, how it can be lightened if you're finding it too heavy and offer practical advice on ways you can improve your self-care and general well-being. 

We hope that you find your mentoring sessions encouraging, engaging and challenging.