Listen up Mentor has inspired hundreds of students and staff members across the country. Based on our years of experience and research we produced mentors who understand student behaviours, proving situations where students can aspire to be better. Not for teachers, not for parents and carers but for themselves. 

Our work is in line with the outcomes of Ofsted and is influenced by the views and feedback of School Inspectors, Senior Leadership Teams, Leaders in Children Services and teachers. We rely heavily on data and we are solely focused on achieving results as this means the life chances of children will be improved. Our free primary outcomes are Attendance, ATL(attitude towards learning) and Attainment.   

In this section, we have showcased a range of case studies, letters of recommendation for our work and quotes from the young people themselves, the parents who love them and the professionals who work with them. Please click on the images to view the case studies and letters of recommendation.