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Our Resources 

Teacher Helping a Student

Core session sheets

These core sheets support your mentoring relationships from start to finish. These sheets also prove the progress you are making with your mentee. 


What would you undo?

There are some parts of our character that we just want to undo. These group of sessions will help you unpick them.

Looking Out the Window

Great emoti-con

Managing our emotions will always be one of life's hardest lessons. These sheets focus on emotions that children and young people often struggle with.

Cracked Rocks

Break Through

Our Break Through series is about getting ourselves out of places where we feel trapped. From supporting with 'budgeting' to supporting with 'hurt' you may find the resource you are looking for.

Meditating on the Beach


When Habits and Attitudes combine it becomes a very powerful force. The series focuses on values that will support us in life.  

Child and Therapist

NHS 5 step to mental Health

NHS provided use 5 steps for Mental Health. These resources are free!