Our Official Opening! 03/01/19

Our Humble beginning

Hello, my name is Paul and I am an emotional mentor.

I started this journey back in July 2018 when I heard this statement: 'Your ceilings need to become the next generation's floors.' After a time of reflection, I interpreted this and adapted it to 'my best resources need to become the next person's starting point.' In order to get my own resources out there, I needed to create a platform. Listen Up Mentor was born. This is an online service that has the potential to reach other mentors all over the world. My hope is that people will use these resources as their own starting point and adapt them.

As the journey moved on, I decided to develop the project and had a vision to create a community of mentors. This is where mentors could share ideas and challenges with each other. A place where we can share success and celebrate together. Mentoring can be a very isolated job unless you're part of a team. I thought it was time for mentors to support each other. Therefore 'The Mentoring Community Forum' was made. A forum for mentors who can simply share what is going on.

Lastly I thought, what if there were more mentors in our world? If we had more people who will look out for our children and young people. What if mentoring could start at home? What if an uncle, an aunt, a granddad or a grandma, could spend time mentoring their own flesh and blood? I decided I would encourage families to become members and encourage them to start mentoring.

The Price

We wanted to make sure that the cost was as low as possible. Most mentoring resource sites have a monthly cost of at least £5 a month (£60 a year). Which, in our opinion, is too much. We looked for free resources and they were out of date and quickly done. The quality just was not there. But their intentions were good!

When you become a member and pay your £12.99 (£8.49 for the early bird special!) Listen Up Mentor receives £9.88 after PayPal takes away their fee and then it is taxed. This is where your money is going:

65% - Back into the cost of the site. Once the site is paid off, the rest WILL be donated back to children and youth work charities. (65%=£6.42 per member)

30% - Will go to our writers. We want to honour what they are creating as all writers do this work in their spare time. (30%=£2.96 per member)

5% - Will go to our founder. He has put in countless hours to try and make this site possible. (5%=£0.49 per member)

Our Writers

I knew that I could not do this alone and I asked someone to help me write some resources. The first writer that was asked, thought it would be a voluntary job and accepted straight away. She was more than happy to use her spare time to uplift and create resources. I wanted to honour the work she was doing and her generosity, so I made sure they got a cut of the profit. At this point in time, there are three writers for Listen Up Mentor.

How many members do we need?

We have tried to make the running cost for this service as low as possible. We need only 100 members a year to break even. Can you help us reach this target? After we have reached 100 members we can start giving profit away to children and youth work charities!

Why are we telling you this information?

In today's world there always seems to be a secret agenda. We want to be different and unique. We are doing this by being crystal clear with our intentions. This blog will hold us to account, publishing this for everyone to see. This will also make sure our heart is in the right place. If you feel you want to get involved in our journey, become a member. If you do it in January you will receive 35% off and only have to pay £8.49! For a year! Help us make a difference and join up today! What do you have to lose?

Thanks for reading our first Blog!

Official Opening is on the 03/01/12

Until next time,


Founder of Listen up Mentor Team.

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