February Monthly Update!

Humble Beginnings

Well, we have been open for a whole month and what an exciting month it has been! We have seen over 170 of you visiting our website. These are all organic views, which basically means we've not paid for any advertisement. For us at Listen Up Mentor, we are very excited to have that many of you interested. We are hoping this will grow as more of you share what we are trying to achieve.

New Resource

This month our new resource is titled 'My Mess'. My Mess is all about resilience. It looks at several ways on how you can turn your mess into something more valuable than ever before. This new resource helps the mentee understand that every situation we come across can make us wiser and that yes, there is a way to tidy our mess.

This resource uses a metaphor, looking at an ancient Japanese art form called Kintsugi art.

This is where the artist finds a broken pot and glues it back together. The amazing part of this process is that the artist will use liquid gold or silver to glue the pieces together. Once finished the pot is far more valuable, however to get there it needs to first be broken, then it needs patience to be fixed to become a masterpiece.

Update on subscribers

We have had our first subscriber! We at Listen Up Mentor want to thank you for just showing an interest. If you can take this one step further and share Listen Up Mentor to any Schools, Teachers, Youth Workers, Parents or Careers, that would really help our community. Show them the new site that has opened. Share it any way you can. We sent out an email campaign at the start of the month to 80 schools; 1 school opened the email. We as a team all work in schools, which makes it very difficult for us to contact other schools by phone or in person. You sharing, will help us get the message out there. We thank you in advance!

The early bird special will stay until we get our first 50 subscribers so be quick to subscribe.

New Things

Vlogs This month we are going to start video logs for our parents and carers section of the site. These logs will be tricks and tips on how to help your children open up and share what is going on in their lives. This is not a 'how to parent your children' site. This is us being able to speak to children in a different setting and asking them what they are interested in. We see children daily, I myself have the privilege of mentoring 18 young people each week. The video logs will give new ideas you could try. Of course, we would love to hear your feedback. Make sure you watch out for our new Video Log.

Social Media

Our new Instagram and Facebook page. We are striving to tell the world who we are and what we want to do. We have started using these social media platforms to do that. If you join either group you will get our 'Thoughts of the day'. These are what we think are meaningful quotes. that can inspire you.

Check it out, the URLs are below.



That is it for our monthly update.

Thank you for listening to us and listening to your young people.

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