Wait, What?

Wait, it is March? This academic year is flying by. Let me introduce myself, my name is Paul Campbell, and I am a Learning Mentor in a local Primary school. I am also the Director of a mentoring platform called Listen Up Mentor LTD.

Lately, I have been going through the motions. Having a few setbacks and having to react to issues that are simply out of my control. It is draining. I know what I am doing, and I know it is working.

The reason for this blog is because I know I can't be the only one. I know what I do is good; I have the statistics to prove that. I understand that my mentoring in school is going well. Listen Up Mentor LTD is growing with more interest and is moving forwards. I know WHAT I am doing. Like most people reading this, you know WHAT you are doing. So the question I keep asking myself is, what else can I do? I was filling my life with a lot of WHATs.

Last night, during a Church vision night, I was reminded of WHY I am doing it.

Knowing the WHY seems simple; however, being reminded of why you are doing something gives more meaning to the WHAT you are doing. For example, the WHAT is, me creating mentoring resources for schools to use, which is a good WHAT—providing a service that is needed. However, when I focus on WHY I am doing it changes everything. Suddenly, I am thinking of all the young people who are going through their lives isolated, alone and stuck. I reflect on how children and young people's mental health is getting bigger and more vast year by year. The reason WHY I am designing resources and that I am building a team around me is becuase; I feel it is unacceptable for any the next generations to grow up feeling alone and isolated. I think it is intolerable for our young people to grow up without the right tools to support them in life. Yet, we prioritise them to understand how to work out the area of a triangle. This is not a dig to our fantastic education system. This is what drives me to be a mentor rather than a teacher. It is the 'WHY' I am doing what I am doing. Just by reminding myself of this stirs me up to give my all without feeling the drain. As I am writing this blog, I am feeling more energised to support every mentee with passion and meaning.

What is your WHY? Remind yourself and see how it changes your day and if you don't like your WHY, maybe it is time for a change. I hope this short blog has helped you. I know this reflection has helped me to get back to what is important, and that is helping the children I have the honour to serve.

Thanks for reading.

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