The unknown

I have not written a blog in so long; I hope I remember how to do it.

I have created the title 'the unknown' because there is so much uncertainty, not a lot of understanding, and we don't seem to know what is coming next.

Life as a school pupil is strange at the moment, not being in school for the best part of an academic year. Our hearts go out to all the families who have been affected by the pandemic.

As soon as the lock-down started, the team started thinking about how we can support as many children and young people as possible. We wanted to play our part. To begin with, we created resources that anyone can have free of charge that was influenced by NHS recommendations. These resources you can still download from our website. We have had over 120 downloads so far, and we hope for many more. We also sent the five resources to all of the primary schools in England, that we have on our database. We have delivered over 10,000 emails to school just providing our resources. The feedback has been very positive, and schools have been thankful for the support. If you have me on LinkedIn and work in education, I sent them to you also. Around 40 contacts have said they have used the resources and they have helped their young people. Being able to offer our support to all these professional is nothing less than an honour for us!

There has been a reason why I have not written a blog for such a long time. The Listen up Mentor Team has been working countless hours to get our new product ready for you to use. It is our 'Worth Listening to workbook'. These have some of our most popular resources inside; they support children with what is happening now. We will give them a chance to verbalize what they are feeling.

The workbook has taken us months to complete, and we have had around 30 drafts to make sure it is right. We have finally done it! Our workbooks are now on sale for you to use with your children and young people. The fantastic news for us is that we have already sold 1/4 of our stock! We would hate for any pupil to miss out.

We believe in September when pupils start returning to school; these workbooks can have a huge influence! The workbooks support the child's well-being and allow the child to build a purposeful and positive relationship with a member of the school staff. Someone the mentee knows will listen to them.

No one knows how schools will work in September all we can do is prepare staff with resources ready so we can support every pupil when they return.

I always like to keep my blogs brief and give you an update on how Listen up Mentor is serving the next generation.

Thanks for reading.

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