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Firstly, thank you all for being so patient with our latest blog. The last couple of months have been our busiest period, ever! More people and schools have signed up for our services which have kept us occupied. I want to say welcome to any new members. Thank you for giving us a chance to support you. Remember we are here to serve you, so email us if you need any support with mentoring. (

This months resource is to educate young people on how to create a healthy budget. If there is one tool that we should know how to use is how to budget. The website Money and Mental Health say that "People with mental health problems are three and a half times as likely to be in problem debt." Our society as a whole relies on credit cards with more and more people owing more money than they make.

At Listen Up Mentor, we thought we would try and educate more young people on how to stay away from this trap. We have created a budget that is practical and gives them a chance to develop good habits as early as possible. This resource allows the mentee to practice budgeting with a wage from a pretend part-time job. Teach them the skills now so that they thrive in the future.

This budget differs to others because most budgets start with what you NEED, then you move on to what you WANT, and if you have any leftover, you SAVE the rest. Our budget flips that slightly. You SAVE a percentage first then move on to what you NEED, to finally spend the rest on what you WANT.

When people use this kind of budget, it prepares them for a time when something goes wrong (which it will at some point). It takes discipline, and we get that, but if you teach a young person, this is how you budget, you may save them from the money trap that is credit cards before they are in the thick of it. We hope this helps you explain to your mentees the importance of budgeting and how this can improve their mental health.

Christmas is coming and no doubt, this Christmas will not be like any other! Christmas is a happy time for a lot of people. However, as a reminder for our members, this is not a happy time for all. It can be an anxious time; it can be a stressful time, and, it can be a fearful time.

Lockdowns and pandemics will make this time for those people even harder. We encourage you to look out for those young people who will need your support at this time in particular.

Finally, I want to say have a great holiday, if you get one, and as always if you know anyone who cares about young people and needs resources or support in mentoring, point them in our direction.

See you all in 2021!

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