What would you undo?


 This session looks at the difference between having anxious thoughts and anxiety. Identifying how the mentee can be best supported.

EGO pick.PNG

Our Ego relates to our self-esteem. You can have a big ego or a small one. This session can help with both.


Hypocrisy is hiding behind masks, often to fit into a crowd. This resource explores why we wear this mask. What are we hiding?   


Our Mess, we all have it. In this session, we see what our mess says about us and why it makes us more valuable


Sometimes we would rather do things on our own and isolate ourselves rather than work for the greater good. 


Indifference is when someone shows a lack of interest or concern. Time to talk about empathy.


My Words shows us the power we have when we use our voices. Remember it is not always what we say but how we say it.